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In a study conducted at State University of New York, Buffalo, researchers found that people who sat on a stability chair/ball burned up 4.1 times more calories than persons who relied on and used ordinary chairs when performing their jobs behind desks.

This revelation is quite insightful and it is on the strength and recommendations of the research that we offer a review of the 5 best exercise ball office chairs available in the market today.

Aside the research mentioned above however, there is increasing evidence of backaches and injuries all related to sitting down all day and worse, on a stationary chair that makes the back sore, causes untold pain and importantly, shortens the human lifespan both in the US and elsewhere in the world.

Let’s now discuss what and what you should look out for when looking to buy an exercise ball office chair.

What to look out for when buying an exercise ball office chair

Not every exercise ball office chair out there would be a good match for you. So, don’t hurry to buy the first one you stumble upon during your search. Rather, take your time to compare several options by checking each for these important things.

a. The ball diameter with compared to your height and weight

This is by far the most important thing to look out for when you decide to replace your standard office chair with an exercise ball office chair.

The overall diameter of the exercise ball on your chair should be capable of holding your weight and fitting for your height. As a guide, a 45cm ball is most suitable for users 5 feet and below; a 55cm ball best suits users between 5feet 1inch to 5feet 8inches; a 65cm ball is ideal for users between 5feet 9inches to 6feet 2inches; a 75cm ball matches users between 6feet 3inches to 6feet 7inches and an 85cm ball is perfect for users who are 6feet 8inches and above.

The above is an ideal guide if the height of prospective users is proportional to body weight. However, in case of a slight disproportion in the body height/weight ratio, the best option is to either opt for a ball chair a size above or one a step below your ideal option – depending on the unique circumstances of the case.

b. Back support

The fact that an exercise ball office chair is one that is novel and, importantly, exercise oriented does not mean that any model should be without an awesome back support – that is if you wish to thoroughly enjoy it.

A back support on an exercise ball office chair enables you, the user to relax and feel comfortable when you are tired, just feel like relaxing or when you need back support for your aching spine after some hours of working at your desk. Back support on an exercise ball office chair is thus a super pleasing addition.

­c. Large wheels with locking support

An ideal exercise ball office chair should have large wheels and, more importantly, locking support.

The large wheels are very important when it is understood that smaller wheels provide less support for the occupant of the chair and the reality that sitting of an exercise ball chair could be quite tricky (at least at first) necessitating the use of  large wheels that provide firm, stable and reliable support that could be trusted.

Aside large wheels however, it is also a brilliant idea to make certain that the wheels of your exercise ball office chair also have locking support, especially for the rear wheels. This is important because this support will ensure that you don’t accidentally get rolling around your office when you are set to work.

d. Height adjustability

All (prospective) users will certainly not be of the same height, necessitating the need for height adjusters to make work more fun and enjoyable.

Without a height adjusting mechanism thus, it is easy to see that some users would have challenges reaching their desks or enjoying the ensuing work they bought the exercise ball office chairs for, especially when it is factored and understood that the diameter guide is more concerned about the weight of the prospective users and not their heights or access to their work stations/tables per se.

5 best exercise ball office chairs: Our review

Having exhaustively discussed what to look out for when buying an exercise ball office chair, it’s time to take a look at the best options available in the market.

We understand that making the right choice from the huge pack can be challenging. So, we conducted an extensive research with the aim of finding out the best exercise ball office chairs available right now — based on buyer opinions, product features, brand trust, price and other factors that matter.

After our research, here are the five best exercise ball office chairs we found available at the moment.

1. LuxFit Premium Fitness Exercise Ball Chair

The LuxFit Premium Fitness Exercise Ball Chair is an exercise ball office chair that is fitted with a special yoga ball that helps the process of spine rehabilitation and at the same time prevents spine disorders that arise primarily because of poor posture occasioned by prolonged (and wrong) use of the standard swivel office chairs.

Designed by health experts to help with spine and back health, the LuxFit Premium Fitness Exercise Ball Chair is structured to enhance mobility and is carefully adorned with large wheels to ensure not just comfort but to ensure that stability is also guaranteed.

To prove its quality and the faith the manufacturers have in the product, this exercise ball office chair comes with an awesome 3 year warranty – the standard warranty most cars come with today.


What we love about the Luxfit Premium Fitness Exercise Ball Chair

There are many things to love about this exceedingly awesome premium fitness exercise ball chair from LuxFit. However, the following points particularly stood out and impressed us completely:

  • Mobility design: This premium fitness exercise ball chair is designed with mobility in mind, much like your traditional swivel and we really loved this feature.
  • With this feature, you can easily slide or ‘glide’ from your desk to your cabinet and back in a classy fashion and without even touching your legs on the floor! With this option, you can easily see that you’ll not particularly be missing your old chair for any reason whatsoever.
  • Large wheels: We also love the fact that this exercise ball office chair comes with large wheels that ensure that the chair gives a ‘solid’ impression and importantly, inspires confidence.
  • With the large wheels thus, the fact of sitting right on a ‘Yoga ball’ is adequately ‘compensated’ and we could feel the stability right beneath our feet. This new feeling of sitting ‘solid’ was and remains what we cannot trade for any other feeling in the world!
  • Back support: We also fell in love with the fact this LuxFit comes standard with a reliable back support ‘arm’. With this support in place, it was quite easy to relax when tired or when in simple contemplation.
  • Without this option, the chair would have certainly proved hard especially for first time use. However, the back support ensured that the exquisite feeling that was the hallmark of the abandoned swivel was not really missed J
  • 3-year warranty: Usually, warranty for products/goods of this nature do not exceed 1 year. The singular fact that the manufacturer of this product stuck its neck out to issue an impressive 3 year warranty for this chair is an indication of uncompromising quality.

Fortunately, we have also confirmed the quality of this chair on first use and general feel: it appears; looks and functions like something that can literarily last forever!

What we don’t like about the LuxFit Premium Fitness Exercise Ball Chair

There are a few things that we don’t particularly like about this exercise chair anyway. They are:

  • There is only a default/ standard color: If you are not interested in the black color or your interior home or office decoration necessitates that you use another color, you’ll be ‘stranded’, so to speak.
  • Not suited for users over 6feet-5inches tall: Some particularly tall users have opined that the exercise ball chair does not particularly suit them, especially when paired with a standard office desk. If you are thus considering using the chair for work related tasks and are over 6’5 this is a concern you should take note of.

>>> Click here to buy the LuxFit Premium Fitness Exercise Ball Chair on Amazon.com

2. Isokinetics Inc. Balance Exercise Ball Chair

The Isokinetics Balance Exercise Ball Chair is a large based exercise ball office chair with equally big (lockable) wheels to match. This model comes in 6 awesome colors: black, purple, red, blue, gray and green – giving you the power and flexibility to choose an option that blends beautifully with your interior decoration.

Aside the standard sizes, there is also the ‘tall boy’ design that is specially manufactured for users who are very tall and are in the league of 6 feet and above. The tall boy model comes standard in the black color and specifically sports a frame that is about 2 inches more encompassing that the standard model.

Aside the features mentioned above, the Isokinetics Inc. Balance Ball Chair also promises a full 1 year warranty and adds an amazing free pump (to inflate the ball) in the standard pack; the warranty ensures that you rest easy as a user for a whole good year while the free pump guarantees that you do not spend any extra bucks right after purchasing the pump.


What we love about the Isokinetics Inc. Balance Ball Chair

By all means, this is a chair to love; in particular however, we love the following things about this balance ball chair:

  • The ‘Tall Boy’ design: Extremely tall users have problems using and enjoying the standard exercise ball office chair. However, with this model and option, all tall users are fully accommodated and can enjoy the chair – right up to users who stand (or sit) at 8 feet tall!
  • Plethora of color choices: It is very frustrating to seek out a matching color and fail to get it in a product. However, the Isokinetics Balance Ball has made sure that with its 6 amazing (popular) color options, you always get the color of your desire – especially if you are looking at a matching option for your interior décor.
  • Large lockable wheels: This model also has wheels that can easily be made to roll on the floor from one part of the office to another. However, that is not all: the wheels are lockable so that you do not slip off when you do not intend to roll. This is an impressive design feat that we particularly love and genuinely appreciate in this model.
  • Free pump: The balance chair also comes with a free pump. This means that, unlike other models that rely on third party pumps or actively encourage users to spend extra on their (separate) brand of pumps after the initial investment in the exercise chair, Isokinetics has ensured that that it creates something that is radically different and unique: a free pump…and we love it!

What we don’t like about the Isokinetics Inc. Balance Ball Chair

There is just one thing that we do not like about this exercise chair and it is:

  • The small pump included: While we did not have challenges with the pump or the process of pumping air into the ball directly, some users have complained that due to its size, it takes quite a while for air to fill up the chair for use. This, they argued, is both tiring and tasking.

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3. Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair is an exercise ball office chair is has been carefully developed by heath experts to improve back health and reduce incidences of arching back/leg/arm syndrome. It has been carefully designed and manufactured under the consultation of the chiropractic pioneer, Dr. Randy Weinzoff.

Offered in 9 awesome and super impressive colors, the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair employs the same balance and principle your regular exercise schedule entails; just that, this time, it adds a ton of fun and excitement to the overall mix so that you easily get your work done in grand fun – feeling super excited and energized at the end.

This ball balance chair also comes with a removable ball design, an adjustable support bar and most importantly, it is also equipped with steady easy glide casters that also support locking support.


What we love about the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

There is so much to love about the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair. Without much ado, here:

  • Removal ball design: Most of the exercise ball office chairs we tested did not support a design that envisaged the removal of the ball. This means that, the ball came standard and could not be used as a standalone exercise ball. Not the Gaiam! This exercise balance ball chair supports the removal of the ball which can be used for exercises/exercise combination that would certainly inspire more body parts than merely the spine, arms or legs.
  • Lockable, easy glide casters wheels: While this appears standard on most models (especially the ones under review), we still appreciate Gaiam for this forethought, especially when the reality that these wheels are flexible and easy to ‘glide’ on is factored.
  • Aside the ‘easy glide part’, it is also very important to note that we also loved the fact that the wheels are lockable, forestalling any sad mishap that may be occasioned by a sad slip or accident.
  • Adjustable support bar: This is the bomb! There are some models of the exercise office ball chair that do not feature a support bar in their overall design; not the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair.
  • With this design, you can easily lean back and relax when you are tired, are done with your work or simply wish to lean back, relax and take in the scenery!      
  • Multicolor reality: The world is chronically dull without colors, especially the ones we love and admire. This is why Gaiam has made sure that this ball chair sports nine (9) awesome and impressive colors that will certainly impress anyone: black, purple, blue, green, ocean, wasabi, cool green, forest and fuchsia.
  • We particularly loved these color combinations because we would easily see that there wasn’t any interior décor combination that wasn’t expressly served by them. We were genuinely happy because of this.
  • Free pump: This awesome exercise ball office chair also comes standard with a completely free pump to inflate the ball that makes up the awesome design of the chair. This is a welcomed addition we also loved, especially when we understood that we won’t need to purchase an extra pump for the purpose of inflating the ball.
  • Free desktop exercise guide: Finally, we also fell in love because of the free desktop exercise guide that accompanied this ball chair.

It is to be remembered that the ball of this chair is removable, giving us the unique and rare opportunity of using the attached ball for a variety other exercise activity under the able guidance of the free manual provided. In the end, the whole body benefitted and was well the better for it.

What we don’t like about the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

There is one thing that we don’t like about this balance ball chair however:

  • Relatively small size/ball: At 5’11 and above, the Gaiam balance ball chair will prove uncomfortable for users. If users are above this height, the chair may not be the best fit for them.

>>> Click here to buy the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair on Amazon.com

4. Sivan Health & Fitness Balance Ball Fit Chair

The Sivan Health & Fitness Balance Ball Fit Chair is specially designed to stretch, correct posture, reduce stiffness and improve blood circulation in the entire body of the user. Made to fit home or office use, the chair eases the body into an ergonomic position without challenges and does so both with grace and an amazing precision.

With the ergonomic position that this chair ensures, it makes certain that physical rehabilitation of patients who are recovering from spine or related illness is a breeze and also goes a long way to prevent spine disorders – when correctly and consistently used. This reality also helps with the practice of stretching and strengthening key muscles without necessarily having to visit a traditional gym or using any physical exercise apparatus.

Further (in a standard manner), the chair has 4 rolling wheels to ease movement and navigation when in use. Two of these wheels are lockable to prevent accidental slips or slides that are not intended.


What we love about the Sivan Health & Fitness Balance Ball Fit Chair

We’ve used this chair and particularly love four (4) of its greatest features which we shall share here:

  • Ball removal design: Like the Gaiam balance ball chair reviewed immediately above, we also particularly love the ball removal design of this chair. With this design, we could easily remove the ball and exercise on our own – doing all manner of exercises. This means that, we wound up exercising more than just the legs, spine, arms and improving blood circulation.
  • This also means that, we have been spared the task of hunting down a separate ball to purchase and spending precious Dollars that have been otherwise saved for something else.
  • Height adapters design: While height adapters are very popular amongst users of an exercise ball chair, there are many models that do not expressly support them. Luckily, the Sivan Health and Fitness Balance Ball Fit Chair CAN expressly accommodate a height adapter that is sold by third parties.
  • With this height adapter, minor discrepancies relating to table height, the height of the individual using the chair etc. will no longer be a challenge, provided they are minor and a matter of a few (convenient) inches.
  • Back support: The presence of a reassuring back support on this model is also one of the reasons we fell in love with the chair. With this addition to the model, it will be easy to rest the back when the work is light or you feel in a relaxing mood, particularly, after a very hard day at work.
  • Sincerely, we genuinely love the fact that we can lean back on this chair and feel like a true boss!
  • Rolling wheel design: The fourth reason why we love the Sivan Health and Fitness Balance Ball Fit Chair is because of its rolling wheel design.’

This design, despite the overall nature of the chair and its architecture, feels quite solid and acts and feels like a respectable swivel option. You will certainly not miss the ‘rolling’ nature of your good old traditional chair!

What we don’t like about the Sivan Health & Fitness Balance Ball Fit Chair

There are two things we don’t appreciate about the Sivan and genuinely wish were better:

  • Limited color options: There is just one color option available as at the time of publishing this review: black. If you do not love the black color (or it does not match the interior décor of your office or house), you will be stranded, we are afraid.
  • Limited size availability: We also discovered that this exercise ball chair comes in one standard like (like its color): medium. This means that, if you are less than 5 feet tall or are well above 6 feet, you may not be comfortable with this chair.

>>> Click here to buy the Sivan Health & Fitness Balance Ball Fit Chair on Amazon.com

5. Gaiam Backless Balance Ball Chair

The Gaiam Backless Balance Ball Chair deplores the same balance and technology as the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair. However, this model comes standard without the famous adjustable back support bar.

Available in six pleasant and super interesting colors (purple, charcoal, blue, green, glossy black & nectarine), this famous backless exercise ball office chair is designed for users between 5 feet and 5’11 and can comfortably accommodate weights up to the realm of 300 pounds.

The design of the chair itself implicates a removable ball design that can comfortably be used to perform other exercise tasks unrelated to abs, spine or general back health which the chair in its entirety targets.

Used consistently and according to instructions, this unique chair ensures a healthier back, aligns the spine, relieves pain and improves overall well-being. In addition, it is also worth mentioning that it also comes standard with an air pump and lockable easy-glide casters wheels to ensure ease of use and ease of operation respectively.


What we love about the Gaiam Backless Balance Ball Chair

The following are the things we love about this ball chair:

  • Color variations: With 6 colors to choose from, this is a ball chair that can comfortably fit right into any interior décor space, no matter the color combination of the space. We sincerely love the power that comes with choosing the colors to use to ensure an awesome sync with the interior décor of any room or office space.
  • Removable ball design: The standard 52cm ball can be removed and used for a variety of other exercises that are not related to the reality of the ball chair or how it was originally meant to function. This is a pleasant plus, especially for versatile users who may wish to try other exercise combinations.
  • Top quality air pump: There is also an included air pump. However, this variant is so different from the other free pumps that customarily accompany such chairs; this one is top quality!
  • The pump, it can be intelligently seen, will long outlast the entire chair/ball and can also be used for a variety of other uses not directly related to the exercise ball or the original ball chair.
  • High quality wheels: Like other models, this exercise ball office chair is equipped with wheels to navigate around. However, the wheels are not of the general stock: these wheels are top of the line both in quality and looks. From all indications thus, it is clear that they will last a long time to come.

What we don’t like about the Gaiam Backless Balance Ball Chair

There are two major things we do not like about this ball chair…and they are:

  • Confusing instructions manual: The instructions manual included with this chair is quite confusing. The advertised chair mentions and makes it clear that the included ball is 52cm. However, the manual mentions a 55cm ball. This is confusing to say the least and for new users, could present a pretty delicate situation.
  • No standard plug removal for the ball: Most exercise ball chairs include a standard plug removal for the ball. Not this model.

This presents a tricky situation that could potentially ruin the experience of a first time user, especially those who are not intuitive. Personally however, we deployed the use of the included mini-wrench and it did the magic brilliantly for us.

>>> Click here to buy the Gaiam Backless Balance Ball Chair on Amazon.com   

Which exercise ball chair should you choose?

Any one of the reviewed options! And we are dead serious about it.

This is because:

  1. All reviewed exercise ball chairs are the best options in the market today.
  2. They are also fitted for the purpose for they are specifically sold for (we’ve already made certain of this).
  3. Other users (apart from us) have used same and have great and awesome results/things to say about the various models/brands.

However, before you settle on any choice, kindly take a look at the included pros and cons carefully before you make up your mind. Happy shopping and a fun filled exercise time!

The benefits of using a ball office chair instead of a standard swivel office desk chair

The standard swivel office desk chair has been used for work for many years now and remains the default options for those looking for a chair to accompany their office desk.

However, the chair has many disadvantages, chief amongst which include the inability to enhance correct sitting (and by extension, overall body) posture and for users who sit all day, terrible backaches, aching torsos and general bodily discomfort.

By contrast however, the ball office chair has no single disadvantage when used either in conjunction with the standard swivel or as a total replacement for the default office chair most persons use.

Now, let’s discuss some of the awesome and priceless benefits of the office ball chair and how these benefits present a better sitting option for you.

>> A ball chair improves blood circulation

Blood circulation is a particularly tricky business when you are sitting down on a standard swivel chair (or any other chair for that matter) for any extended period of time.

However, because of the round and inflated nature of the exercise ball office chair (and the accompanying slight balance required to sit on it for any length of time), blood circulation is forced to areas of the body that remain inactive and ‘unserved’ with blood when using a standard non-ball chair.

>> Sitting on a ball chair all day improves general body balance

This is quite simple and easy to understand and relate to. Sitting all day on an exercise ball office chair implicates constant adjustment so as not to lose either balance or worse, fall off.

What this however means is that, as a user, you easily improve in your overall body balance that can be seen and immediately appreciated in areas outside your immediate work or office environment. This in turn spurs an upsurge of self-confidence that is quite difficult to match when compared to that of colleagues who still use normal and traditional chairs that do not ensure such a reality or function.

>> An exercise ball chair eliminates general numbness

After sitting down the whole day, it is quite normal (and infact, expected) to feel numb in various parts of the lower body, especially the feet and toes, especially when using a standard office chair.

Using an exercise ball office chair however, the positioning of the built-in-ball and the requirements it takes to actually sits on the chair makes the lower body of the user quite active, completely eliminating the occurrence or even the probability of numbness that is so common with other office chair types used in offices across the world today.

>> An exercise ball chair helps you burn actual calories while sitting

Any job that demands that its practitioners sit down for the greater part of the day is a job that will potentially make such practitioners fat – and filled with unwanted calories especially if no express measures are deployed to burn to burn the excess and unwanted calories in the body.

The standard exercise ball office chair helps eliminates 4.1 times more calories than any other sitting arrangement provided in the office. This is a unique, easy and novel manner/way of exercising (and burning actual calories) while comfortably sitting down and tackling the day’s activities or business.

It must be understood that via such a method as adopting the use of an office exercise ball chair or switching to one completely and actually using same, it is quite possible to lose at least 2 pounds in ten days or less. This is about the most passive ‘exercise’ that can help burn body fat while you technically do nothing!

>> Using an exercise ball chair will help you stay energized through and after work

Staying stationary during work induces the state of inertia which works to both sap energy needed for the task at hand and continues to sap energy even after the task is completed.

With an exercise ball office chair however, this is quite impossible. The constant movement of your hips on the exercise ball ensures that you actually move your body and by so doing, escape the much dreaded state of inertia. When this happens, you do not only remain energized throughout your work, but you also retain enough energy to proceed to other tasks after the work in question or after a super busy day at the office.

>> An exercise ball office chair forces proper spine alignment

An exercise ball office chair is not particularly stable. To balance thus and tackle your work, you’ll need to get the perfect spinal posture alignment – which is the best – and easiest to balance with in comfort.

Once you get this much eluded posture – and maintain it by continuous usage, you’ll increase your overall spinal health and importantly, decrease instances of avoidable back pain; pains that regular chair users have become accustomed to J

>> An exercise ball office chair is cheap

Compared to a standard swivel desk chair, an exercise ball office chair is hugely cheap and curiously appealing. This is because the most expensive of exercise ball office chairs is within the range of less than $100. However, many smart options and reliable brands are sold for far less than that, with many in the range of $70 – $80.

On the other hand, a good swivel chair can cost anything from $150 to $5000 + in hard earned money. When the purchase costs are thus compared side by side together, it makes a ton of sense to simply purchase the good old exercise ball office option!

>> Using an exercise ball as an office chair is fun – and novel

We live in a world where change is really dreaded. However, those who are bold enough to embrace change are sung as heroes and treated with the respect only heroes are accustomed to.                           

Changing from your usual swivel to an exercise ball office chair will certainly have the same effect and feeling, especially if you are an executive or worker whose office is pretty busy and frequented. The attention and awe in itself will make you positively wonder if it is inspired by just the change of your sitting piece of technology!

How to use an exercise ball office chair effectively for optimal results

The concept of an exercise ball office chair is relatively novel and its use is not yet universally known and acknowledged. It is thus in the light of this that the following tips on optimal use are proposed and encouraged:

  1. It is advised that you use your exercise ball chair in conjunction with your regular swivel chair at least for 6 months in an alternating fashion before you ditch the traditional swivel completely. This will ensure that you transit with the least challenges.
  2. The ball chair is inflatable; it is thus of importance to make certain that it is inflated according to the recommended pressure and it remains so. An underinflated or overinflated ball chair may cause domestic accidents.
  3. An exercise ball chair is meant to be replaced in the event that the ball punctures. It is thus very important not to attempt to ‘mend’, ‘patch’ or ‘manage’ a chair with a punctured or damaged ball as this could cause serious damage or injury to the body.
  4. Finally, it is instructive to understand that exercise ball office chairs should be purchased strictly on the merit of the end user’s weight/height. Please, before purchase and use, kindly refer to the documentation to ensure that you are dealing with the correct size for your person.


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