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Women (particularly ladies), love good things – especially options that make them truly stand out of the often crazy and confused crowd; options that assist them do more and ultimately, options that ensure that they can do what the next woman sitting by their sides or coming across the lawn can only imagine!

If you’re a woman reading this, you’re probably smiling now and agreeing with our position 🙂

The reason for this is simple and not far-fetched: your glory and power as a woman lies in the manner you choose to express yourself. This means that, a poor expression ultimately sends out poor signals while a rich expression oozes of attraction and importantly, all things positive.

So which path should you take as an ambitious and talented woman who is interested in being desired and loved by all when it comes to the business of choosing a timepiece?

Should you opt for the regular tiny, insignificant pieces of chain that most women wear around their wrists and call ‘time’ or should you opt for a unique, bold and quality tested piece that tells the entire world that you’re bold, daring, unique and adventurous?

The answer is already on the wall for everyone who is serious to read! Luckily too, only one model of wrist watch fits the description we just offered above: the G-Shock brand from Casio – the epitome of daring, boldness, reliability, toughness and adventure when it comes to keeping time as a woman.

best g-shock for women ladies

When and why should women consider buying a G-shock watch?

There is a generally held belief in open society that women are supposed to love easy things that are fanciful, attractive and not really sturdy. The grand object of such a general belief is that women cannot handle things that are tough or when they use such things, it reduces their femininity and hence, makes them less attractive. This defect in logic has imposed a reality that worships form over substance; aesthetics over performance on the female population.

This, sadly, day by day, also ensures that women are looked upon as the weaker sex that men must help if they are to amount to anything in what they do and in life generally.

However, here’s the amazing thing: women that are bold enough to ignore this common convention and are brave enough to go after their heart’s desires are not seen as ‘weak’ at all: they are found, instead, worthy of the respect of fellow women and in the eyes of the men, are seen as daring – and adventurous, capable of a being desired over and above other women or ladies.

Who doesn’t after all prefer the unique and exotic, especially if it comes with a bold and daring face?

However, in some instances, the choice of a G-Shock watch by a woman or lady should not be inspired by perception alone or the exclusively inspired by the need to be bold and different.

Some situations, careers or instances make it completely imperative and utterly necessary to actively seek out the most reliable and durable wrist watches on the market for women.

These situations/professions are:

Military/Police/Paramilitary Service

If you’re lucky and honored to serve your country either as a soldier or police officer, a G-Shock wrist watch is a time piece that you cannot logically expect to avoid (anytime soon as a woman).

The reason, of course, is simple and to the point: police or military service often requires long hours that are characterized by work that is tasking, demanding and way out of the ordinary (when compared to other ‘regular’ jobs or careers).

Accordingly thus, if you are to successfully rely on any wrist watch to meet up with your time keeping demands as a security professional, that wrist watch has to be a G-Shock – unless you want to be disappointed badly (and at an unholy hour).

Active Sports

Today, women are active in sports and have, through raw talent and diligence dominated some fields of sports completely. A good and great example that quickly comes to mind is Serena Williams – the multi-award winning lawn tennis player.

Now, you don’t have to possess the fame of Ms. Williams or be as famous in sports as she is to understand that in almost all active sport, you need a durable and rugged wrist watch as a woman if at all your watch is ever going to hold up.

Fortunately, the G-Shock series from Casio fit this bill perfectly.

Vigorous Hobbies

Aside active sports, there are other vigorous hobbies that you may decide to keep as a woman that actually warrant special rugged wrist watches that are capable of holding their own against all that is thrown at them. One of such vigorous hobby is mountain climbing.

Others include ice skating and to a large extent, all water-involved hobbies such as swimming and water racing.

If you’re in love with such hobbies and do not care enough to look at a G-Shock, one of the two is involved: time means nothing to you as a woman or you’re prepared to keep shopping for a replacement wrist watch for a long time to come.

Other instances where time-keeping is as important as the durability of the time-piece

Finally, we must admit that we cannot possibly mention all the instances that you’ll need a badass and reliably wrist watch that meets the durability level that only a G-Shock model offers.

However, it is important to point out that all instances/activities that time keeping is important – and the durability of the wrist watch in question is paramount will need a G-Shock model.

This includes cycling (especially if you cycle in a rough manner or go through rough terrain), range shooting, parachuting etc.

Now that you’ve seen when and why you should consider the G-Shock watch series, let’s now focus our attention at what you should actually look out for when you finally begin the shopping process for these watches, your own very indestructible model J

Things to consider when buying a G-shock watch as a woman or lady

When shopping for a G-Shock as a lady, it is important that you take particular note of the following and ensure that you follow them down to the latter, especially if you’re a first time buyer.

  • Warranty: Awesome wrist watches are not particularly cheap – the G-Shock series are no exception in this regard. Before you thus open your purse or use your debit/credit card, kindly ensure that your chosen model comes with a warranty that you’re completely comfortable with. A year is standard though some sturdier units come with options that indicate 2 or more years.
  • Wrist size: The wrist size of women is generally small, girth wise. This makes watches that come with very large faces, dials or bands look quite ridiculous on an average woman. If you are thus a lady that is not very large – of if you have a tiny girth wrist-wise, kindly ensure that the G-Shock model you finally settle with is selected only after factoring these details and importantly, taking them into close consideration.
  • Color options: Ladies are usually, more color conscious and specific than the typical male who will make do with any color as long as the item itself delivers. As a lady thus, kindly make certain that your preferred G-Shock wrist watch sports the color(s) that you love or those colors are an option, should you decide to pick from the lot.
  • Display type: Finally, before you decide on your preferred G-Shock model as a lady, be sure to see if it displays time in the manner you actually are comfortable with. This could be digital, analogue or a mixture of the two. Whatever your preference, the important thing is that you opt for it and actually ensure that you have it at the end.

Having finished with what you should look out for when shopping for a G-Shock wrist watch as a lady, let’s take a look at our top 5 picks directly now.

Here we go!

Best G-Shock Watches for Women: Our Top 5 Picks

Here are out top 5 G-Shock wrist watches, specially handpicked for you and inspired by actual reviews of buyers and the reality that these models have served ladies like you in the past brilliantly (and is still serving many more presently), especially where durability and endurance was/is appreciated.

Note that we begin with the very best at #1.

1. Casio G-Shock Black Dial Resin Multi Quartz Ladies Watch

Almost all women that we’ve come across love the color white: it appears cool, is unassuming and silently projects an aura of both peace and authority.

Women who use white all the time further carry with them the aura of fertility and virtue – most often, unconsciously.

However, armed with knowledge, who says that you cannot carry out this conscious art of color selection to denote your personality and pass on a power aura of your own projection?

This is where the Casio G-Shock Black Dial Resin Multi Quartz Ladies Watch comes to the rescue.

Designed in a manner that completely underplays its prowess, this wrist watch is nonetheless a durable piece that is rather good at brilliantly hiding its prowess to the uninitiated.

The watch is water resistant, for instance, up to 200M. Further, is equipped with magnetic resistance, a speed indicator and to cap it up, is also resistant to the very rude shocks, including sudden falls.


  • Water and shock resistant.
  • Thoroughly beautiful to behold and very comfortable when worn.
  • Speed indicator.
  • Digital and analogue display.
  • Magnetic field/force resistant.
  • Auto LED light.
  • 4 daily alarms.
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Only one color (white) available.
  • The watch does not illuminate in a manner that a person with eye defect will appreciate it.

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2. G-shock Unisex G-Aviation Twin Sensor GA1000-4A

In the awesome world of women, there are some ladies who are not simply content with the strictly defined roles that society dishes out to them.

These ladies look forward to handling the tasks that men handle on a daily basis and wonder why in the world they were not created male in the first place.

If the above 2 paragraphs above define you, the G-Shock Unisex G-Aviation Twin Sensor GA1000-4A is your watch!

This watch will not change you from a woman to a man overnight; however, it will brilliantly bring you closer to your dreams by ensuring that you’re satisfied with the image you both project and how society – especially the men take and regard you henceforth.

Thanks to a very bold ‘Captain America look’ and a myriad of badass features that include water and shock proof reality plus other impressive and intimidating features that include a compass and a thermometer, this watch certainly looks like it can brilliantly take a bullet and still tell the correct time afterwards!

5 Best G-Shock Watches for Women 1 5 Best G-Shock Watches for Women 2


  • Badass and intimidating look.
  • Perfect for ladies with tiny wrist girths.
  • Shock proof.
  • Super easy to set up and operate.
  • Digital and analogue displays all rolled into one.
  • After-glow LED backlight display.
  • Inbuilt compass and thermometer.
  • Hourly chime.


  • The battery needs to be changed every 2 years.
  • The instruction booklet could be a little clearer for non techie users.

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3. Casio G-Shock Gold And Pink Dial Pink Resin Quartz Ladies Watch

Most ladies today appreciate super durable wrist watches that are capable of standing up to any challenge that they may face – during work or leisure.

However, such women always appreciate the fact that such wrist watches be feminine or at least, beautiful to the eye and aesthetically pleasing.

This blend is naturally a challenge to perfect – a reality that makes it all the more fulfilling when a product that achieves this feat is figured out and isolated.

If the above just explained what you’re in love with or you love how it sounded and wouldn’t mind charting such a course yourself, the Casio G-Shock Gold and Pink Dial Pink Resin Quartz Ladies Watch is an option that you’ll definitely fall in love with at first sight.

Designed and finished in a pink and golden fashion, this watch is the epitome of both class and extreme durability. When its core features like water and shock resistance are included in the picture, you get a functional and extraordinarily beautiful timepiece that is quite difficult to resist, especially for those that cherish and appreciate beauty.

5 Best G-Shock Watches for Women 3 5 Best G-Shock Watches for Women 2


  • Water and shock resistant.
  • Quality bronze accents on dials.
  • Magnetic field resistant.
  • Super beautiful design that features pink and gold.
  • Speed indicator.
  • World time function: 29 Time Zones (48 Cities + UTC).
  • LED backlight and afterglow.
  • Analogue and digital time display options.
  • Hourly time signal.
  • Both 12 and 24 hour displays.


  • Some users opined that they would have loved the watch better if the backlight was a little less bright.
  • The face of the watch can look intimidating and require more conscious effort to check the time especially if one is busy.

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4. Casio Women’s BA-111-4A2CR Baby-G-Digital Orange Watch

Not all women who desire super durable watches (such as the options mentioned and reviewed here) are interested in the ‘power’ bit that such a wrist watch ensures. Some are simply interested in looking as simple and as girlish as they can be with a durable watch that can stand up to any challenge thrown at it.

If you’re such a woman, you’ve found your perfect option: the Casio Women’s BA-111-4A2CR Baby-G-Digital Orange Watch.

The Baby G is designed in a simple – and girlish manner and sports a prominent pink color that though is quick to catch attention, is in itself cool and pleasing to the eye.

Other features include water resistance, shock resistance, hourly time signal and up to 5 daily alarms.

5 Best G-Shock Watches for Women 5 5 Best G-Shock Watches for Women 2


  • Simple and sexy girly look and design.
  • Water and shock resistance.
  • LED backlight.
  • World time (29 time zones across 48 cities).
  • Hourly time chime.
  • Digital and analogue displays.
  • 5 daily alarms.
  • 2 year warranty.


  • Watch is offered only in the pink color.

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5. Casio G-Shock Unisex GWG-1000GB-1ACR Black Watch

Across all fields of endeavor the world over, there always exist women who are not content with what their wrist watches can do and are constantly imagining new realities/possibilities that they could cover/achieve if there watches were only more cooperative.

Such women are mostly found in the construction and engineering fields. However, that does not mean that it the only professional that breeds such tough and demanding women: such women can also be found in professional sports, medicine and other vocations that dexterity is highly prized.

If the ‘super women’ we just described above caught your attention or you sometimes wonder when wrist watches would be smart enough to deploy solar, be used as measurement tools or be multi-functional enough to read both speed and temperature, the Casio G-Shock Unisex GWG-1000GB-1ACR Black Watch will brilliantly put to rest these series of questions.

This watch, simply put, is badass enough to have more functions than some smart phones and clearly, what is more durable than it is, is maybe just a tank!

5 Best G-Shock Watches for Women 7 5 Best G-Shock Watches for Women 2


  • Sturdy, mean and extra durable look.
  • Solar battery powered.
  • Vibration, shock and water resistant.
  • Digital compass.
  • Barometric pressure and altitude.
  • Double LED light for added clarity.
  • Manual memory measurements.
  • World time display.
  • 2 year warranty.


  • For the less tech savvy, the array of functions this watch sport can easily overwhelm and intimidate!

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Wrap Up

As a woman, a watch can mean several things: a fashion statement, a faithful companion, a statement of your belief etc. What a watch is not (and should not be for you) is a mere time piece – a piece of technology attached to the wrist and glanced upon once in a while to see how many hours or minutes have gone by.

Luckily for you, this article has mentioned and reviewed the 5 best G-Shock watches for women and ladies who truly have need for extra durable watches and desire to stand out while being badass.

Which option will you be going for today?


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