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Nurse preceptors are among the most praiseworthy people you’d ever meet in your career as a nurse. Taking young new nurses by the hand and helping them to become skilled caregivers is not an easy task, and it is worthy of appreciation. And one of the ways to show that appreciation is to offer a gift.

However, finding the perfect gift that translates your gratitude to that person who groomed you for the challenging shifts and tasking times might be difficult.

best gifts for nurse preceptor

Best gifts for Nurse Preceptors

As with any meaningful gift, knowing the recipient is important. Usually, the relationship set up between nurses and preceptors does not allow for much personal talk unless you are having a slow day.

But over the months, working with the preceptor can give a glimpse into things they use and like. And you will start to pick up on some of their habits and things that they often speak fondly of. This would give you hints on the perfect gift for them.

But even if you have no idea what your preceptor would appreciate as a gift, here are some nice gift ideas that should wow any preceptor.

Wireless presenters

10 Best Gifts for Nurse Preceptors 1

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For someone that gives professional presentations using PowerPoint or similar software, wireless presenters are a great gift. A well-designed wireless presenter will improve the quality of your presentations.

Wireless presenters can help direct the attention of your audience where you want it to be. You can highlight an important fact with the laser pointer or reduce the brightness of the screen so your audience will focus on you. Reminders can be set on some presenters to prompt you at determined intervals to move along with the presentation.

A nurse preceptor will find wireless presenters of great help. During presentations, a good wireless presenter will allow the preceptor to be at the forefront, really leading the discussion and interacting with nurses.

A good wireless presenter should be able to cover a long range of up to 100 feet. This mobility ensures engagement with the audience as opposed to staying behind the computer using a mouse or keyboard. The Logitech R800 allows you to be anywhere during a presentation with its long-range signal of 100 feet. The device has a nifty LCD display that indicates the strength of the wireless signal and warns when presenter walks out of the 100 feet radius. This prevents a possible hiccup in the presentation.

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A pair of nursing shoes

10 Best Gifts for Nurse Preceptors 2

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One of the most essential items a nurse needs is a pair of comfortable shoes. Due to the long hours spent walking and standing, uncomfortable shoes can be a sort of hell.

Gifting a nurse preceptor with a comfortable pair of shoes would go a long way in showing gratitude for her efforts. Comfortable shoes do not only provide a relaxing fit, but they also minimize stress throughout your lower back and body.

Choosing the perfect nursing shoes can be a difficult task. The weight and comfort of the shoes are important factors to consider. Heavy shoes can have a huge impact on your overall performance and might also impact your mood. Choosing light and comfortable shoes is a step in the right direction in finding the perfect nursing shoes.

The market abounds with specialized nursing shoes that are well-built to maximize comfort and stability with each step. Some of them come with full-grain leather, which provides durability and makes for flexibility, while their interior is well-cushioned to provide a cozy fit to the feet.

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Refillable fountain pen

10 Best Gifts for Nurse Preceptors 3

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Just as good chef value quality knives and seasoned soldiers value the efficiency of their firearms, nurses appreciate good-quality pens – especially fountain pens, which create impressions of class.

Nurse preceptors, who are themselves, nurses, use pens to document legal records, patient instructions, and corrections to the timesheet. So, since their jobs require constant note-taking, having personal pens is a must for them.

Refillable fountain pens are classy and writing with one is considered a sort of art form. They are also very practical to use, especially for those who do a lot of writing. And they do not require as much pressure as a ballpoint pen. Fountain pens work with a capillary system, where the ink flows to the point of contact at the barest of touches, thus making writing much easier.

A good-quality fountain pens glide across the paper with consistent ink flow from its medium nib. And it’s a perfect gift that any preceptor would appreciate.

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Coffee mug and warmer set

10 Best Gifts for Nurse Preceptors 4

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Between the early mornings and night shifts, nurses down a lot of coffee. This helps them to stay active in the execution of expected duties. Nurse preceptors would appreciate a coffee mug and warmer set because it allows them to have warm coffee at any time without much stress.

The best options in the market come with great thermal conductivity perfect for keeping coffee warm all day.  And the sophisticated ones feature touch-tech controls, a LED display, and a water-resistant plate. They also show temperature readings, which can be easily switched between °F and °C with a precision down to 1 degree.

The matching mug that complements the warmer contains heating elements that heat up the warming plate.  The flat mug bottom makes full contact with the warming plate to keep the coffee temperature between specified ranges.

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10 Best Gifts for Nurse Preceptors 5

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Pedometers play a large role in improving physical activity awareness. It helps battle obesity for nurses and the general population. Having a pedometer may promote positive social change by making nurses more aware of the importance of their health and physical activity, given their line of work.

The overweight appearance of a nurse potentially harms their credibility when educating on health promotion or healthy lifestyles which is both important for patients. A nurse preceptor would value a pedometer because it helps her keep track of her fitness. It also helps to limit fatigue on busy night shifts by keeping track of how much steps they have put in.

Pedometers accurately track steps taken while also calculating distance covered and calories burned. They are powered by replaceable batteries that usually last for several months. Most pedometers would automatically power off when they do not detect any movement for up to a minute. This is to help conserve the battery.

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Fitness trackers

10 Best Gifts for Nurse Preceptors 6

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Fitness trackers can help improve overall well-being by keeping track of activity and sleeping habits. Nurse preceptors can be easily overwhelmed with work, thereby losing a lot of sleep time. This can affect their health over time. Fitness trackers can be handy for them, as these wonderful devices can help them keep a balance between work and personal health.

Another important reason to consider fitness trackers as an option while gifting a nurse preceptor is the heart rate monitor that comes with it. Deteriorating health among health practitioners is on the rise. So, any conscious effort to keep track of the individual health of the practitioners is highly encouraged.

The latest fitness trackers come with a wide range of options for the user. Aside that they measure calories burned, fitness trackers keep track of heart rate and monitor activity and sleep, they have long battery lives and are waterproof. They also give health insights for the overall well being of the user.

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Compression socks

10 Best Gifts for Nurse Preceptors 7

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Nurse preceptors work long shifts of up to 12 hours which can have negative effects on their health. Compression socks will not solve all the health-related issues that may arise as a result of the long hours spent standing and walking but can prevent some of those. For example, compression socks help to  prevent varicose veins by regulating the blood flow in the veins.

They also reduce leg and foot pain by improving blood circulation, which makes it easier for the circulatory system to deliver oxygen to the muscles. The circulation boost may also help remove lactic acids from the muscles. Compression socks improve circulation thus keeping your legs and feet from swelling. It increases the level of comfort and also prevents distracting pain that could get in the way of doing your job well.

Compression socks come in a variety of colors ranging from rainbow colors to ocean harmony. So, you may want to consider your preceptor’s favorite colors when shopping. They are also available in a range of sizes that ensures that you find a perfect fit.

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A box of chocolates

10 Best Gifts for Nurse Preceptors 8

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Chocolates are little sweet things that virtually everyone can’t help but love. Though they are about the easiest gifts to hand out to anyone, they are greatly appreciated.

Although a guilty pleasure for most people, a healthy measure of chocolate is beneficial to human health. Dark chocolates help to restore the flexibility of arteries, as well as preventing white blood cells from sticking to the walls of blood vessels.

Dark chocolate is loaded with a healthy collection of beneficial minerals like potassium, zinc, and selenium. Eating a small portion of chocolate each day has been linked with preventing diabetes and insulin resistance.

A nurse preceptor would appreciate a box of chocolates because, like all other humans, they love to indulge in guilty pleasures, too.

With an array of choices, you can hardly go wrong in your choice of chocolates. The prices are most times an indication of how good chocolates are. Do not settle for anything than the best when giving chocolates to show appreciation.

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Scrub watch

10 Best Gifts for Nurse Preceptors 9

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Everything about being a nurse centers around being organized. Keeping track of time is at the core of the profession. Quality patient care revolves around a carefully planned and executed schedule.

Between mentoring and patient care, nurse preceptors have a lot on their hands that require proper time management to effectively execute. A scrub watch would be a thoughtful gift that they would deeply appreciate.

When it comes to picking scrub watches, it can be difficult to make a choice because of the many options available to pick from. But be on the lookout for one that has a beautiful large, white display with contrasting 12 and 24-hour markings for fast and effortless viewing.

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Nursing bag

10 Best Gifts for Nurse Preceptors 10

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Nurse preceptors always have to carry a number of things around. Having a bag for ease of movement is very important. You can never go wrong with gifting a nurse preceptor a nursing bag to carry around their essential work items such as shoes, scrubs, notes, stethoscope, pens, etc.

Nursing bags come in a variety of colors, sizes and functional uses that can appeal to a wide range of medical professionals. The Nurses Mate Ultimate Nursing Bag offers plenty of storage and compartment space for carrying medical equipment. The bag is made from water-resistant nylon to ensure long term use and easy cleaning.

In order to keep your items separated and easily accessible, there are additional compartments in different sizes asides the main compartment. This bag does a great job of handling and maintaining your day to day essential materials.

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There you have 10 cool gift ideas for nurse preceptors. Before making a choice from the list, try to think about some personal things you know about your preceptor, such as her favorite colors and other preferences. This will give you helpful insights into the gifts she would appreciate.

Even if you’re clueless, you won’t go wrong with any of our suggestions. But hey, don’t forget to set your budget before hitting the market. You sure don’t want to bite too much into your pocket just to appreciate or impress someone else.


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