The 12 Best Lab Coats for Female Doctors



We know that as a female doctor, you have to wear a clinical coat when on duty, but we also know that many women in the medical profession really don’t like their coats, and can consider them too simple or drab with no individuality.

But the truth is, if you know where to look, the market is full of lab coats that will make you feel comfortable and stylish while maintaining your professional look at the same time — which we know will come as good news for the fashion conscious.

Best Lab Coats for Female Doctors

best lab coats for female doctors

In this guide, we’ll be revealing some of the best lab coats for female doctors — carefully selected based on style, brand trust, pricing, and other important factors, backed up by real buyer reviews.

Now, let’s cut right to the chase!

1. Cherokee Women’s Fashion Whites 36-inch Notched Collar Lab Coat

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The Cherokee Women’s Fashion Whites 36-inch Notched Collar Lab Coat is made from a mix of cotton and polyester, and is styled with front and rear princess seams, and a cute mock sleeve cuff. To ensure easy adjustment on the go, the back of the coat is also fitted with a belt.

As well as stylish, the coat is incredibly practical, offering an easy-clean material, and angled patch pockets that are roomy and easy to access on the job.

The coat boasts a flattering classic fit, and this particular length is ideal for taller ladies, ensuring ample material for the sleeves and hem to fall where they should. However, this classic fit can also mean more material around the waist than necessary. While it certainly ensures you’ll have plenty of room to work, those looking for a more tailored fit might want to keep reading.

All in all, this is a great purchase if you are in search of a classy lab coat.

2. Grey’s Anatomy Fitted Front White Lab Coat w/Heartline

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The Grey’s Anatomy Fitted Front White Lab Coat w/Heartline is a beautiful lab coat for women. It comes with three buttons for front closure, and like the previous pick boasts princess seams front and back, and an adjustable belt to the rear. Its 4 pockets allow for plenty of storage, while 3 of those are embroidered for extra flair.

Users highly recommend the coat’s durability, which is probably due to its mix of cotton and polyester fabrics, as well as the reinforced stitching.

Some users draw attention to the coat’s lack of inner pockets but note that it has a good level of comfort and ample length, as well as a great fit, so it is definitely worth considering.

3. ICU by Barco Women’s Junior Fit 34 Inch 5 Pocket Princess Seam Lab Coat

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If you are an organized person who likes to have whatever they need on hand, this might be the lab coat for you.

As well as the plentiful storage provided by two large tablet pockets (which are big enough to carry their namesake), a chest pocket, and two inner pockets—The ICU by Barco Women’s Junior Fit 34 Inch 5 Pocket Princess Seam Lab Coat offers a trendy solution to the problem of finding high-quality workwear. It has five buttons for front closure,—giving you a professional, polished look—is machine washable due to its cotton and polyester fabric blend, and comes in a variety of sizes so you can find your perfect fit.

Some users have reported that these sizes can vary in terms of accuracy, so we’d recommend buying with caution and altering sizing depending on the kind of fit you desire, but if you’re happy to bear this in mind, many customers are pleased to report that they’ve found the coat to be a great buy for a woman in medicine.

4. Cherokee Women’s Scrubs 36 Inch Lab Coat

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The second Cherokee product on this list has some major differences to its predecessor. This coat boasts a button closure, and two large pockets—double patched this time—to offer more storage space for those who need it.

Designed with a notched collar, two stylish yokes, and a center back vent, the coat is incredibly beautiful, and even more comfortable. The adjustable belt fitted to the rear ensures you can customize your fit, and just like the other Cherokee offering, the cotton and polyester mix allows for easy machine washing as well as durability, so you’ll never be afraid to get your hands dirty.

Some users have noticed that the buttons can be difficult to use, and noted that a chest pocket would be ideal as it is essential for many doctors, but they do affirm that the coat is stylish enough to turn heads, which is why it made our list.

5. WonderWink Women’s Scrubs Utility Girl Stretch Lab Coat

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WonderWink is very popular among medical and science professionals because of the quality of the clothing they manufacture. The WonderWink Women’s Scrubs Utility Girl Stretch Lab Coat is no exception, as well as being distinctive from our other picks, as it is made of 100% polyester. This allows it to have superior durability, but don’t worry, it’s also just as machine washable as some of the others on this list.

For those who are a stickler for detail, it’s important to note that the fabric can’t be ironed and can crease, but for some, the easy garment care far outweighs a few wrinkles!

In terms of design, the adjustable mock belt, adjustable sleeves, princess seams, and three-button front closure ensures a level of quick and easy customization that will guarantee a flattering, professional look that suits you, while the WonderWink signature ID bungee and mesh coin pocket ensure a unique level of practicality that far exceeds its single chest pocket alone.

This stylish lab coat would be an ideal addition to any work wardrobe, and you can express your individuality thanks to the range of colors available.

6. Grey’s Anatomy Women’s Junior Fit 34 Inch 3 Pocket Princess Seamed Lab Coat

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This is another very cool lab coat for women by Grey’s Anatomy, who obviously understand the importance of storage space in lab coats—just as the name implies, the Grey’s Anatomy Women’s Junior Fit 34 Inch 3 Pocket Princess Seamed Lab Coat has 3 pockets.

The princess seams and tapered look afforded by the coat’s button secured front belt ensure you look good as you work, and the easily-adjustable fit and four-button closure provide a flexible level of comfort that means you can work uninhibited without it taking away from your stylish silhouette.

Some users have reported the sizing can be on the more fitted side, so we’d recommend sizing up for maximum freedom of movement, and though they note that the fabric and design are perfect for petite wearers, the coat itself may require more upkeep than some of our other options, as it is hand wash only.

7. Dickies Scrubs Women’s Gen Flex Junior Fit Contrast Stitch Lab Coat

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Dickies is a very popular brand that creates a plethora of high-quality clothing for those in the medical field, and because they know medicine, they know comfort is paramount while practicing it. A unique blend of spandex, cotton, and polyester ensures the Dickies Scrubs Women’s Gen Flex Junior Fit Contrast Stitch Lab Coat is comfortable, durable, and won’t get in the way in high-pressure situations.

It offers two utility snaps on either side and two large patch-style pockets for storage, ensuring a good level of functionality, but as with others featured on this list, the absence of a chest pocket in this coat is an issue for some users. There are also reports that the sleeves can be too long for some wearers, but others note that rolling them up adds some style, which can be set off by the range of colors the coat is available in.

8. Dickies Medical Scrubs Women’s Jr Fit EDS Pro

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We understand that as a professional, you’ll want to look for a lab coat that provides you with a lot of utility, and fortunately, Dickies appreciated this when making this coat. If its design is anything to go by, it’s clear Dickies agree that there’s no point having a coat that can’t carry out a wide variety of functions and provide you with optimal utility.

If you are a lover of lots of storage space, the Dickies Medical Scrubs Women’s Jr Fit EDS Pro is the coat for you. It comes with four pockets; a chest pocket, a cellphone pocket, and two large angled patch pockets, ensuring you have everything you need while keeping your hands free and ready for action.

The front closure has a fairly standard look, with five buttons, but the unique lapel and notched collar add a twist to this classic to cement the Dickies Medical Scrubs Women’s Jr Fit EDS Pro’s status as an elegant lab coat with premium functionality.

9. Dickies Women’s 36 Inch Jr. Fit Lab Coat

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This Dickies lab coat is definitely a great option for lovers of variety, offering an edgy black alternative as well as the more traditional white design. Both are equally as trendy!

Flexibility and durability are the order of the day with the Dickies Women’s 36 Inch Jr. Fit Lab Coat, which blends cotton, spandex, and polyester fabrics for maximum comfort, machine wash suitability, and easy maintenance.

The front and rear princess seams and notched collar provide sleek style, while the adjustable side belts make it easy to ensure that you always have the perfect fit for any task.

It also has a bungee loop, a pair of very spacious patch pockets in front, and a cell phone pocket, as well as multi-sectional utility slots and reinforced topstitching. This coat really is a perfect marriage of style, durability, and utility!

Some users have reported that the material may be a bit see-through depending on how much light the wearer is in, so it’s worth keeping that in mind if purchasing, but this coat really is top notch in almost every other aspect that a fashion and practicality conscious female doctor might expect.

10. KOI 419 Women’s Rebecca Lab Coat

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If clean looks are your thing, then you should check out the KOI 419 Women’s Rebecca Lab Coat. Style and minimalism come together in this piece to provide a simple-yet-eye-catching pointed collar, a stitched-in feature belt, unique tailoring, a clean, streamlined design featuring minimal buttons, and modern inner cuffs that are sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

You might expect that a coat this stylish sacrifices functionality, but its 4 pockets and small placket are proof that KOI are determined to exceed expectations and give you ample space to store your cell phone, pens, and other small items you need to make your practice more efficient. If comfort is still on your mind, don’t stress! A back vent has the capacity to keep you comfortable and alert all day long.

Though high-quality, the material this coat uses can get crumpled easily—iron averse ladies beware!—but its utility, comfort, and flattering design make it well worth the extra maintenance, and are sure to attract the admiration of colleagues and patients alike.

11. Dickies Scrubs Women’s Junior Fit 3/4 Sleeve Lab Coat

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Some of us prefer shorter sleeves that stay out of the way while we work, and for those ladies the Dickies Scrubs Women’s Junior Fit 3/4 Sleeve Lab Coat is the answer. As the name would suggest, the sleeves on this coat stop just below the elbow, making for a more sanitary, less restrictive experience on the job.

Just like many of the other lab coats on this list, it is a mix of cotton and spandex fabrics, so enjoys the same durability and machine wash capability as some of the examples above. While the notched collar and the lapel offer a more traditional appearance from the front, the dart seams sewn into the back of the coat offer a cool alternative to the trademark relaxed silhouette.

A belt sits at the center of the back of the coat to allow you to adjust the fit quickly and easily, and the sleeves are designed to look great either left down or rolled up to form a cuff for optimum comfort.

Much like the fit of the coat, the 4 patch pockets give the detailing a traditional feel, but the D-ring and utility strap fitted on them is a unique stand out feature that makes this coat the essence of functional tradition, reimagined.

12. Cherokee Women’s Scrubs 37 Inch Lab Coat

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The Cherokee Women’s Scrubs 37 Inch Lab Coat completes our list of the best lab coats for women. It boasts a variety of features that have proved to be cornerstone features of a quality lab coat, including a notched lapel, princess seams, and button-up front closure.

The coat’s seams provide a flattering slim fit that is a testament to the high-quality tailoring that was used in its manufacture, even down to the stitching itself.

What’s more, Cherokee have definitely focused on storage space with this lab coat, as it has three external patch pockets and one on the inside, providing more than enough space to store your essentials.

The blend of cotton and polyester fabrics ensures that just like you, this coat is cool under pressure. Additionally, keeping it looking its best is easy, as it’s machine washable—although it will need to be ironed frequently to maintain the crispest, professional appearance possible, as some users report that the fabric wrinkles easily.


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