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If you love to paint, chances are you’ve tried using various oil paint brands. And if you’ve found it difficult choosing the right brand for your painting needs, then you’re on the right page.

Although there’s much more to painting than the oil paint you use. For example, you need to have created a painting niche through which express your art and this is essentially what determines how you paint.

However, having the ideal set of work tools will certainly make the process of expressing yourself much easier. Before we proceed to the options you have when it comes to oil paint brands, there are few things we need to reiterate about oil painting.

What is oil painting?

Oil painting is the art of painting with pigments bound in oil. The most common oil binder is linseed oil which is also known as flaxseed oil. Other oils used in binding include safflower oil, walnut oil and poppyseed oil. You can either make oil paint by yourself or you can buy them ready-made from stores.

One interesting thing about oil painting is the fact that as an artist, you can easily manipulate your painting hours after you’ve stopped working. Generally, oil paints usually come in 2 types. There is the professional and the student grade. The difference between this 2 is the concentration of their pigment.

best brands of oil paint

Choosing the right oil paint brand

There’s really a lot more to oil painting than just selecting a random brand for your painting needs. You need to choose the brand that allows you express your art perfectly. Some of the things you should consider include:

>> Brand

The manufacturer of the product you’re buying is very important. There are many sources of oil paints but not every one is tested and trusted. You can ascertain the quality of brand by consulting with other users as well as experts in industry. A paint product from a top quality brand or manufacturer might be all you need to meet your painting needs.

Also, if you love to play around with colors when painting, you may need to consider a brand that offers you a wide selection of colors.

>> User’s level of experience

Often times the brand you select is determined by your level of experience as a painter. For example, the type of paint set that may appeal to a beginner often differs from that of experienced painters.

Also, if you’re a beginner, you may be tempted to use products that are tailored for students or beginners like you. However, this may not be necessary because it all depends on the level of intensity you want to achieve from your painting. Usually, the paint products made for experienced artist tend to be more intense than the student grade paints.

>> Buyer reviews

Due to the fact that, it’s not cost effective buying different brands of oil paint in order to ascertain the best brand.  You can use reviews to help you to make the right brand choice. These opinions from experts and other users can help you select the ideal oil paint brand that you need.

>> Personal preferences

There are several things you may consider as a painter or when painting. For instance, you may need an oil paint that has a fast drying time and doesn’t wrinkle when drying. Also, you may also want a paint product that gives you the right intensity and consistency.

Additionally, you may have preferences concerning the type of binder used. Overall, you may want to test a couple of brands before making your choice if you can’t seem to find the type you want.

Or you may be choosing based on some specific health reasons. For instance, water soluble paint is a great option for individuals that may be allergic to solvents used in the other paint types.

>> Price   

Your budget will also determine the oil paint brand that you will choose. Generally, the student paints are much cheaper than these artists’ paints however; you can still find the artist’s ranges that are as cheap as the student grade.

>> Packaging

Often times, you may want to buy a paint set for someone. In this case, it is necessary that the components are well packed and the package looks attractive. At least, the best you can when sending someone a gift is to ensure it looks presentable.

Also, there are items every painter expects to find in his oil paint set. These include the oil paint, pallete knife, paint brush, canvas, easel, brushes of different sizes, a guide and many other important items. It is easy to look up the components of the oil paint set online.

Best oil paint brands: Our top 5 picks

Some of the factors to consider when buying your oil paint have been stated already but we’ve made it a step easier for you by selecting a list of the top 5 paint brands based on these important criteria.

1. Royal & Langnickel Premier Multi-Media Painting Chest, 80-Piece Art Set

The Royal & Langnickel Premier Multi-Media Painting Chest is an 80 piece collection comprising of top quality art materials. This set makes the ideal gift for any art enthusiast. There are 12 tubes of essential brand oil paint. Each tube has 21 ml of the paint. It also has 12 watercolor cakes and 6 golden taklon brushes for the water color.

The materials are housed in a chest which is made of dark tone wood. The chest also has a brush holder rack and 3 artist guide booklets.

The buyers on Amazon positively reviewed the product especially with its nice-looking package which seems to resemble the perfect gift for a painter friend or a ward.

5 Best Oil Paint Brands (Review) 1 5 Best Oil Paint Brands (Review) 2

2. US Art Supply 21-Piece Oil Painting Set with Table Easel

The US Art Supply 21-Piece Oil Painting Set is another top quality painting set. It comprises a stretched canvas panel, a wood palette, artist brushes and table easel.

Many users admire the excellent quality of this set. When compared to the price this certianly gives good value for money. Overall, it makes a good painting set both for beginners as well as experienced painter.

5 Best Oil Paint Brands (Review) 3 5 Best Oil Paint Brands (Review) 2

3. Royal and Langnickel Oil Color Painting Artist Set for Beginners

The Royal and Langnickel Oil Color Painting Artist Set is a top quality painting set specially designed for beginner artists. It comprises 10 oil paint tubes, 6 brushes, a bottle of refined linseed oil, 2 canvas boards, a paletter knife, pencil, eraser, sharpener and a plastic palette. All these materials are house in a comfortable and convenient wooden storage box.

The set is an excellent option for experimenting and painting. Many users especially beginners state that this paint set is an excellent option for them.

5 Best Oil Paint Brands (Review) 5 5 Best Oil Paint Brands (Review) 2

4. Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Colors Set – Basic 10 Color Set

The Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Colors Set is another top quality painting set. This set comprises a set of 10 colors. The oil colors are high quality and they have been individually formulated.

Many users opine that the colors are of good quality and tend to blend very well and come out beautifully.

5 Best Oil Paint Brands (Review) 7 5 Best Oil Paint Brands (Review) 2

5. Oil Paint Set – 21ml x 12 – Art Paints – Artist Quality – MyArtscape

The Oil Paint Set is an excellent top quality paint set. The paints in the tubes are non-toxic and comprise 12 tubes of paints. Each tube contains 21ml and the paint set has a 1 year replacement guarantee.

The users of this product have enjoyed their art when using this paint and they particularly state that the paint blend together to give an interesting artwork.

5 Best Oil Paint Brands (Review) 9 5 Best Oil Paint Brands (Review) 2

How to use oil paint

This is a takeaway for beginner painters especially if you’re still trying to grapple with the art of oil painting. The task may seem quite daunting but it really isn’t.

The first step is getting the right brush. You should your brush based on its shape and fiber. Also, how you grip the brush is quite important. Gripping it the right way usually allows for fluidity and sensitivity. Additionally, the pressure you put on the brush while stroking will determine the intensity. You’ll need to see how both light and heavy strokes impact the look of your art on the canvas for you to know which is ideal.

Also, the solvent used for the paint is quite important. You need to take note of how the blend of the oil and solvent affects the outcome of your work. You can combine colours on your canva to see which makes the best fit. From this blend, you’ll get to see the intensity and vividness of your painting.

Finally, when it comes to painting on the canvas, you can either paint directly on a wet surface or you can wait for the surface to dry before painting on it. The technique you use is dependent on your level of experience. Also, you can use your palette knife to influence your painting. You can do this by using the knife to make artistic strokes on your canvas.


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