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A few years ago, if you were told to identify the women’s bikes in a bike store, you really won’t need to take a long, hard look before picking them out. They were the smaller ones with a touch of one of those feminine colors probably pink. Everyone knew that bikes for women were basically a watered down version of those for men.

However in recent times, women-specific bikes have gone beyond the ‘shrink it and pink it’ types. Many factors are now being taken into consideration prior to building women’s bikes.

best road bikes for women

But first, let’s learn a few things about road bikes?

What are road bikes?

Road bikes are bikes that are built for speed and long distances. The bike is easy to handle and most people find it more enjoyable than other bike types. They have thinner wheels and are able to travel at speed because of their aerodynamic efficiency.

They are specifically designed for smooth surfaces like paved roads.

Generally, when compared to other bike types, road bikes are built to be lighter which makes them ideal for long distance and speed.

What’s the difference between women’s road bikes and men’s/unisex road bikes?

As stated earlier, bikes for women were generally smaller and had a feminine color; however there are currently features specifically designed to make these bikes more comfortable for women. These include:

  • Bike saddle: The bike saddle functions to support and cushion the rider when necessary. However, they are designed uniquely in women bikes to reduce pressure on their delicate parts in order to prevent soreness.
  • Frame: The frames are female-specific in a way as to be shorter than their unisex or male counterparts.
  • Grip: Generally, women tend to have smaller hands, so the bike grip is thinner.
  • Top tube: Generally, women tend to have narrower shoulders, with short torso and arms. Designing a shorter effective top tube helps reduce the stretch to the bar thereby making the ride more comfortable.

In addition to these features, some bike brands use women specific geometry based on data collected from female riders to design their road bikes.

Despite the unique features of road bikes, if you are woman, choosing the perfect bike for your commuting or recreational needs could seem confusing.

But it really doesn’t have to be so. The first important step is to consider these factors.

  • Budget: This is the most important factor for you when considering what kind of bike you want to purchase. There are high end bikes as well as low end ones. Your choice will depend on your pocket.
  • Rider’s height: Buying the wrong bike type for your height can affect your control and comfort on the bike. There’s a bike size calculator which you can use to confirm what bike best suits your height. The design of some road bikes are tilted towards taller women or women with long legs, hence it is important you know your size before you buy.
  • Function: Some bike manufacturers build certain road bikes specifically for longer distance performance while some are built for the purpose of commuting short distances. Your reason for buying the bike will determine your choice here.

Now that you have an idea of what you want from your bike, this review of 5 top picks of women-specific road bikes will certainly help you further.

Best women’s road bikes: Our top 5 picks

1. Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike (700C Wheels) White, 28”

The Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike is a very comfortable bike that is ideal for both casual rides and daily commuting. The saddle is padded to ensure your ride is always enjoyable.

It has an adjustable stem which prevents you from feeling too stretched out when riding and it offers a 21-speed SRAM gripshifter which enables easy and fast gear changes.

5 Best Road Bikes for Women 1 5 Best Road Bikes for Women 2

What we like

For a bike which seems so diverse in function, there were several features we liked.

  • Comfort: The well-padded saddle and the adjustable stem helps to maintain a comfortable position and posture while riding.
  • The simple white design: This design makes it look classy and beautiful.
  • Light weight: This enables the aerodynamic efficiency making it the ideal road bike in terms of speed.
  • Great everyday bike: This bike is recommended by users as extremely useful for daily commuting.

What we dislike

  • Generic manual: The manual that came with the bike isn’t the appropriate manual for this model and users complained that it made assembling difficult.
  • Plastic fenders: The fenders didn’t look like they were going to last beyond a few months due to their plastic nature.
  • Inability of the tire and inner tubes to hold air for long: This is strange for a hybrid bike and this means it can’t be withstand off road conditions.

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2. Merax Finiss Aluminium 21 Speed 700C Road Bike Racing Bicycle Shimano

The Merax Finnis Aluminium 21 Speed 700c Road Bike Racing Bicycle Shimano is suitable for both men and women and offers the flexibility of choice by coming in 3 different sizes.

It has an aluminium kickstand and frame that makes it lightweight. This lightweight aerodynamics frame coupled with the wheels make it ideal for both long and casual rides.

What we like

  • Great design: This Merax Finnis model is well designed.
  • Aerodynamics: The lightweight aluminium frame gives the bike speed.
  • Multipurpose: It can be used both for long rides and short commuting.
  • Great for starters: This bike is an excellent option for starters and amateurs.

What we dislike

It seems many users had this one complaint about this bike.

  • Low quality components: Particularly the chain and bottle holder. The chain was reported by some users to snap after minimal use (a few weeks).

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3. Northwoods Springdale Women’s 21-Speed Hybrid Bicycle, 700c

The Northwoods Springdale Women’s 21-Speed Hybrid Bicycle, 700c is an excellent hybrid bike for daily commuting especially if you are living in an urban centre. It is also a great bike for leisure rides. The bike’s upright frame makes it quite comfortable to ride. In addition, it has alloy rims and an aluminium frame which makes it light and beautiful.

5 Best Road Bikes for Women 3 5 Best Road Bikes for Women 2

What we like

There were several things we really liked about this bike.

  • Beautiful: The white paint and the alloy wheel gives this bike an elegant look.
  • Easy to assemble: It is quite easy to put together.
  • Comfortable to ride: With the 700C wheel and aluminum frame, this lightweight bike makes riding a comfort.

What we dislike

  • Poor choice for women 5’4” and below: Many users below 5’4” complained about the bike being uncomfortable to ride as their legs barely touched the ground whenever the bike stops.
  • Generic manual: The user guide included isn’t specific for this particular model.
  • Poor quality front bender: Several users in their reviews complained about the quality of the bender because it seemed to get damaged easily.

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4. Vilano Women’s Classic Urban Commuter Single Speed Bike Fixie Style City Mint Pearl Road Bicycle

This Vilano Women’s Classic Urban Commuter Single Speed Bike Fixie Style City Mint Pearl Road Bicycle is a simple bike designed for cycling typically in urban settings. The mustache styled handle bars provides a firm grip while riding.  The easy braking system due to its coaster brakes makes cycling really nice. It also comes with a free platform pedal and break stand.

5 Best Road Bikes for Women 5 5 Best Road Bikes for Women 2

What we like

There were a couple of interesting features about this bike that we liked:

  • Simplicity and comfort: The bike has this simplified look. The adjustable is quite comfortable when riding.
  • Easy to assemble: It is quite straightforward to assemble the parts

What we dislike

  • Poorly optimized for shorter women (5’4” and below): This bike really isn’t the best fit for you if you are 5’4” or below.
  • Fairly heavy: The frame is made of steel and this makes it a bit heavy.

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5. Northwoods-Pomona-Womens-Cruiser-26-Inch

The Northwoods Pomona Womens Cruiser 26” Pink Bike comprise an aluminium frame that gives the bike a lightweight. The steel handle bar comprises twist shifter which enables proper balancing and control when riding. It also has a high quality, rear derailleur. The seat is soft-padded and well shaped for comfort.

5 Best Road Bikes for Women 7 5 Best Road Bikes for Women 2

What we like

  • Beautiful: The pink color and unique design made this bike beautiful.
  • Great for short distances: This is the go-to bike for short distance rides.
  • It has a kick stand mounted on the rear wheel: With this, you don’t need a wall when parking your bike.

What we dislike

  • Not easy to assemble: You may need to take it to a local bike shop to get it properly assembled.
  • Uncomfortable seat cushion: The seat cushion can cause soreness although buying a padded seat covering should resolve this.
  • Poorly optimized for women that are 5’ 4” and below: You may find it uncomfortable to use if you are 5’4” or below.

Final words

You may still be trying to figure out which bike to choose and you’re probably asking – “which really is my best option?”

It’s an interesting question and the answer is equally interesting and simple – the one that best meets your needs.


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