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“Best tennis shoes for male nurses?” you may be thinking as you read the title for this piece, “Surely finding work shoes for men is a walk in the park when you don’t need a business dress?” However, as we have learned—and male nurses reading this anywhere will probably know—there is a definite bias towards reviews of female shoes.

This means finding the perfect pair of men’s shoes for such a demanding, high-energy profession as nursing can quickly turn into nothing short of a Herculean task, as there aren’t many options out there that have been designed with such pressures in mind, meaning post-purchase regret is a real possibility.

Whether you’re a male nurse or not, it’s important to remember that your journey to getting an ideal pair of tennis shoes does not just begin with visiting a store and picking shoes or adding a pair to your online cart, but at figuring out the exact qualities you want to have in those shoes.

If the prospect of narrowing down these qualities scares you, or you’re a male nurse looking for tennis shoes yourself, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for tips on choosing the right shoe for you, and our picks for nurses everywhere.

best tennis shoes for male nurses

Choosing the right tennis shoes

We have yet to find a nurse that doesn’t relish the idea of wearing a comfortable pair of tennis shoes while dealing with the stresses and strains of the working day, but our research has shown that the perfect shoe for male nurses (or for any wearer) offers a number of qualities as well as comfort. Here, we’ll walk you through what attributes to look for in your new shoes.


We know that being rushed off your feet and standing for long periods without a break is just part of the job when you’re a nurse, but it can lead to a multitude of aches and pains at the end of the day. Why not try easing it with a really comfortable pair of shoes that don’t make doing the rounds of the hospital such a chore?

Several tennis shoe brands are marketed as ‘comfort fit’, but in reality, they can be far from it, and no amount of marketing will change that fact. True comfort is not only a case of soft material, but also elements like a loose enough fit and breathability.

In the case of breathability in particular, look for shoes with ‘pores’ or small perforations in the fabric that allow air to circulate through the shoe, keeping your feet cool and dry.


Support and comfort go hand-in-hand, as you can’t be truly comfortable and pain-free without a supportive shoe. One of the most important steps to take prior to choosing a pair of tennis shoes is visiting a podiatrist to give you an insight into your foot type and size.

This information is key to wearing shoes that provide you the support you need, especially with respect to the different parts of your feet. The toes, arch, and heel require lots of support, but we often neglect them and then complain about shoes later on. However, when you support these parts of the feet adequately, you will be comfortable all day, even if your job is very rigorous.


As you consider the ideal shoe for your nursing job it’s important to remember to factor in how well any potential pair of shoes protect you, not just in terms of good grip, but from having your feet hit or run over by heavy equipment, or escorting a patient to and from their car on more unforgiving surfaces like the parking lot.

This is why it is very important to look out for a pair of tennis shoes that come with cushioning. Did you know that a major contributor to how these shoes shield you from these hazards is the material used in their production?


Material is also a key player in the lifespan of your shoe. It is a known fact that for footwear to stand the test of time, they must be made of high-quality materials, and being as busy as we know you are, we understand you won’t want the headache of running out to buy a replacement every couple of months.


This list would be incomplete without considering how the shoes look, so this category is a no-brainer. To be considered the absolute perfect pair, it’s crucial they suit your taste.

Best Tennis Shoes for male nurses: Our Top 5 Picks

Now armed with the above list of qualities to look out for, you’ve probably been able to narrow down your list of tennis shoes to choose from by half, but we’re not done yet!

To simplify your search further, we have made use of the above criteria to pick our top 5 tennis shoes for male nurses. We’re confident that you definitely can’t go wrong with any of these!

1. New Balance Men’s MW577 Leather Hook and Loop Walking Shoe

NOTE: White color available. If you want white, just choose the color on the Amazon product page.

The 5 Best Tennis Shoes for Male Nurses 1

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If you spend almost the whole day on your feet, then the New Balance Men’s MW577 Leather Hook and Loop Walking Shoe should be your number one choice.

Thoughtfully designed with your comfort in mind to stop aches and pains at their source, the shoe provides the perfect marriage between style and functionality, offering subtle cushioning encapsulated in a premium quality leather top and sides, and a quarter panel adorned with the famous insignia.

Thanks to the Abzorb technology, the shoes also offer an excellent level of support and shock absorption to ensure uninterrupted comfort all day long, and the synthetic sole is specifically designed to be wear resistant for even more durability, meaning worries about fast wear and tear are a thing of the past.

The New Balance Men’s MW577 Leather Hook and Loop Walking Shoe effortlessly keeps you both looking and feeling good on the job.


  • Top-notch cushioning throughout the shoe.
  • Synthetic sole and Abzorb technology work together to provide impeccable support and stability.
  • High-quality comfort.
  • A perfect option for people with flat feet.


  • The insole can feel tough.
  • Some users have reported that the shoes are smaller than the typical size, so if you’d like a more relaxed fit, we advise sizing up.

2. Cole Haan Men’s Grandpro Tennis Fashion Sneaker

NOTE: White color available. If you want white, just choose the color on the Amazon product page.

The 5 Best Tennis Shoes for Male Nurses 2

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If you have ever wondered what perfect harmony between functionality and style looks like, look no further than the Cole Haan Men’s Grandpro Tennis Fashion Sneaker.

A high-quality rubber sole and premium leather top ensures a stylish, hard-wearing shoe, and the breathable fabric of the textile covering gives a level of air circulation that ensures your feet will feel fresh all day. Even more than that, the superior Grand.os technology the shoes are built with provides a special cushioning effect to keep you comfortable throughout your shift..

We know that falls as a result of wet surfaces or spills can be a real concern for nurses, especially on those highly polished linoleum floors, but we are pleased to say that this shoe’s designers definitely have your back when it comes to slip resistance and stability. An EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) outsole and rubber pods installed in the shoe ensure you have maximum traction, stability, and ultimately, peace of mind as you work.

There is so much to love about the Cole Haan Men’s Grandpro Tennis Fashion Sneaker. As well as being incredibly well thought out and practical, it’s also stylish—coming in an array of colors to suit your taste—and super lightweight, so as not to weigh you down on the job.


  • Fitted with receptive cushioning for optimal security and support throughout use.
  • Very comfortable.


  • Some users have reported that the toe area can be quite narrow. If you’d prefer a roomier fit, perhaps think about sizing up.

3. Adidas Neo Men’s Advantage Clean VS Lifestyle Tennis Shoe

NOTE: White color available. If you want white, just choose the color on the Amazon product page.

The 5 Best Tennis Shoes for Male Nurses 3

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If you know Adidas well, you will know that they are a household name for their ability to exceed expectations, and with the Adidas Neo Men’s Advantage Clean VS Lifestyle Tennis Shoe, they definitely didn’t fall short of that. These shoes are designed to provide you with premium stability and comfort wherever you are.

Like the pair discussed above, these shoes will keep you safe from the scourge of wet or slippery floors, keeping you (and your ego!) safe from harm thanks to the comfortable rubber cupsoles with webbing-detailed heels.

The leather upper portion and synthetic soles are incredibly hard wearing, and will definitely last longer than many lower-price, lower-quality alternatives. Discreet vents woven into the logo on the side of the shoe ensure your feet stay fresh and well-aired, and as if that wasn’t enough, their stylish design comes in your choice of white or black.


  • Stylish and classic.
  • Snug fit.
  • Provide flawless traction and stability.


  • The soles could be considered quite thin.
  • Due to their tapered design, they may not a perfect choice if you have wide feet.

4. K-Swiss Men’s Classic VN Fashion Sneaker

The 5 Best Tennis Shoes for Male Nurses 4

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If you are one to mix working hard with looking good, then the K-Swiss Men’s Classic VN Fashion Sneaker would be a great pick for you. We know style isn’t everything, though—this pick also offers great comfort throughout the day.

While the standout toe-strip overlays and D-ring laces that perfectly accentuate the embroidered logo on the tongue are undeniably fashion-forward, the design offers comfort and durability—thanks to the premium rubber sole and high-quality leather upper portion—that’s just as sophisticated as the shoe looks. What’s more, you can stand out and express your style too—the shoe comes in a range of colors to choose from.


  • Very comfortable.
  • A stylish addition to your work wardrobe.
  • Top quality materials mean the shoe is built to last.


  • The size seems to be smaller than average. Size up for a more spacious fit.
  • Some users have reported that the shoes can squeak sometimes as you walk around—not recommended for those on night duties!

5. Adidas Performance Men’s Barricade Tennis Shoe

The 5 Best Tennis Shoes for Male Nurses 5

>>> Check Price on Amazon

We just had to add a second Adidas product to this list—the Adidas Performance Men’s Barricade Tennis Shoe, to this list. Besides having everything you need by way of comfort, support, durability, and protection, the shoe has a more tailored-to-you feel than some of our other picks, as it is available in a range of colors.

ADIPRENE technology provides a level of comfort at the toes and heels that will never let you down. With ADIPRENE, all shock to your feet is quickly absorbed to ensure they are protected.

Perfectly married to this is ADITUFF, a durable compound which protects your forefeet and toes from even the lightest scuffs as you walk, and ensures excellent durability for the lifetime of the shoe, no matter the wear intensity.


  • Unparalleled protection and support.


  • Some users report that the shoes are narrower than other options discussed here, so the wider footed among us should be mindful of this when choosing sizing, or consider another of our picks as an alternative.

Wrap up

We are sure that you’ll feel less in the dark about how to choose the tennis shoe for you by now, as well as have a few recommendations for the best tennis shoes for male nurses to consider—though you’ll be sure to pick a winner whenever you look for comfort, support, protection, durability, and design in a shoe.

To ensure a long and happy relationship between you and your perfect shoe, here are a few final tips:

  • Ensure that your shoes are kept clean at all times. Clean up any marks, spills, or visible dust as quickly as possible to avoid damaging either the factory-fresh look or the material itself.
  • If they’re work shoes, keep them that way! This will slow wear and avoid any nasty accidents with gum on the sidewalk while you’re out running, or picking anything up while walking your dog.
  • Tie your laces properly at all times. When the laces are left untied, it gradually causes the shape of the shoes themselves to distort after a while.


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