5 Best Devices to Help Seniors Get Fit

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One of the reasons wearable health and fitness devices are now hugely popular, is because of their increasing adoption by seniors.

These wearables make life easy not only for the wearers but for caregivers as well as they can help monitor daily activities, send alerts, and even prevent falls.

If you are looking for the best device for optimizing your fitness as a senior or you have an aging friend or family member, you will find this post useful as we have compiled a list of the 5 best devices to help seniors stay fit.

fitness devices for seniors

#1 Fitness trackers

Ever heard of Fitbit or Garmin trackers? If you have, then you certainly know a thing or two about fitness trackers.

Staying fit can be really difficult but with the help of these wearables, you can conveniently achieve your fitness goals. Also, you can use your tracker 24/7 and even in your sleep.

Another benefit your fitness tracker can provide is to help monitor your heart rate. This is particularly useful when working out as it enables you adjust the intensity of your workout to suit your capacity.

Also, there are fitness trackers that can monitor your blood oxygen levels and sleep quality.

#2 Pedometers

Pedometer is an excellent device for seniors when it comes to combating their sedentary lifestyle. It works by counting the steps of the individual and this is achieved by detecting the motion of the person’s hands or hips

Usually, when shopping for a pedometer, you can either choose a device that is solely a basic step counter or you can select the one that connects to an app and provides a lot of data analysis

Examples of great pedometer options include the 3D Pedometer by TriS, Omron Tri-Axis Pedometer, the 3D Simple Step Counter by FitBud, Fitness SC2 Pedometer by O2 and many more.

#3 Fitness watches

One of the fitness devices that have enjoyed massive adoption by both young and older adults is the fitness watch.

Some of the features of this device include the ease of use, waterproof and long lasting battery. In some cases, the long-lasting battery allows up to 1 year of continuous use.

#4 Digital insoles

It has been estimated that by the age of 65, one in three persons would have experienced some form of vision-reducing eye disease and most common causes of vision loss among the elderly are age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataract and diabetic retinopathy.

This statistic explains why digital insoles are extremely beneficial for seniors. These insoles are smart short inserts that help visually impaired wearers move around.

Also, the insole can be linked to an app that allows for location sharing and enables the seniors keep tabs on their family and friends.

#5 Smartphones

Apart from using wearables, you can also use the fitness apps on your smart phone to track your physical activity, measure your heart rate and many more. For instance, researchers at the University of Pennylsyvania recently discovered that the top smartphone apps are just as good as fitness bands in tracking steps taken.

In some cases, smart phones seem to be a better option for seniors as they may sometimes forget to charge their wearable leading to infrequent use.


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