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If your dog is notorious for chewing on its toys or anything it could lay its limbs on, chances are it would chew on its bed if given the chance to.

So, if you’re looking to buy a bed for such a dog, your best bet is a durable bed that is either built from chew-proof material or crafted in a way that makes it difficult for a dog to get it between its teeth.

most durable dog beds

Most Durable Dog Beds: Our Top 7 Picks

This post is a comparative review of the most durable dog beds available on the market right now. We compared several options based on durability, design material, buyer opinions, safety, pricing, and other important factors.

We trimmed down our list until we’re left with the following seven beds, which have been made to withstand desperate diggers, ruthless shredders, and crazy gnawers, while still making for a comfortable resting spot.

1. PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed & Lounge

7 Most Durable Dog Beds 1

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The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed & Lounge is one of the best choices on the market. It’s the perfect balance between price and quality, designed to give your canine comfort.

Truth be told, there are several other dog beds that offer better quality. However, when you consider the price of this bed, it’s way ahead of other beds in its class. The first highlight of this bed is the four-inch memory foam. This is just great for your dog, especially when it’s aging.

It was engineered specifically for a dog with all the parts designed to perfectly suit canine needs, including a non-skid bottom, an inner line designed to be waterproof, and outer nylon covering. It’s large enough to accommodate any dog, regardless of size. There are several sizes to choose from so you just need to pick out one that fits your dog perfectly.

When choosing a dog bed, it is important that you consider cleaning it when dirty. The cover of this bed comes off quite easily, so you can wash away stubborn stains and get rid of odors with ease. It’s machine washable and, since it is made of very durable nylon material, it is bound to last.


  • Orthopedic foam to provide your dog ultimate comfort.
  • Well-engineered with the best of materials.
  • Available in multiple sizes.
  • Can be cleaned easily.


  • Initial odor on purchase. This dissipates with use so it shouldn’t be a concern.
  • Bolster zipper may snag occasionally. This can be resolved by sending an email to PetFusion.

2. Kuranda All-Aluminum Chewproof Dog Bed

7 Most Durable Dog Beds 2

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This all-aluminum dog bed is a great choice if you want a stylish and quality dog bed. Kuranda has a reputation for manufacturing indestructible dog beds. The company has a variety of styles, colors, fabrics, and sizes to choose from.

It is designed with an aluminum frame of aircraft-grade which supports up to a 250-pound weight. The frame is chew-proof and very strong. It’s highly durable, no matter how rough your dog likes to play.

To keep your dog cool and dry, the frame is raised off the floor. It has orthopedic memory foam to ensure that your dog is very comfortable. The design of the bed frame means it can be used indoors or outdoors.

The fabric of the covering makes it easy to clean and it’s durable enough to last for years. The covering comes in a variety of fabric, however, the best of them is the solid vinyl. It works great for heavier and more active dogs.

Here’s the selling point of the All-Aluminum Chewproof Dog bed by Kulanda: the fabric slides into the frame to prevent your dog from destroying the fabric by chewing on it.


  • Orthopedic support to give your dog all the comfort it deserves.
  • Chew-proof.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • One-year warranty.


  • Difficult to store.
  • The fabric gets dirty easily.
  • It can be quite difficult to assemble if you aren’t savvy with assembling anything.

3. Dogbed4less Orthopedic Shredded Memory Foam Dog Bed

7 Most Durable Dog Beds 3

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If you have a very destructive dog, then you should consider getting this Orthopedic Shredded Memory Foam Dog Bed by Dogbed4less. This bed is designed for easy care and amazing comfort. To ensure maximum resilience the bed is made with shredded polyurethane foam and poly-fill.

It has a waterproof inner lining that covers the stuffing with a strong denim outer layer. The denim is brown in color so that it doesn’t show so much dirt while the double-stitches work for durability. This external covering can be removed with ease and is machine washable too.

The denim outer covering is designed using premium cotton material and it’s reversible. It has a breathable zipper cover for the inside, which is waterproof. There is a water-resistant fabric the bottom, which is meant to allow for circulation in the foam.

The foam has maximum weight support of 40lbs for medium size dogs and much larger sizes for bigger dogs. This means that you should know your dog’s before ordering this bed. The shredded foam allows air to circulate making the foam breathable and avoiding all sorts of uncomely smells.

The quality of design and construction of this dog bed is top class. It is cozy, affordable, and durable; your dog is bound to enjoy its sleep with this bed. It’s not as comfortable as a solid memory foam bed but it is far better than a standard one.


  • Made from top quality materials.
  • Waterproof inner covering.
  • Blended foam is up to 6-inches.
  • Affordable pricing.


  • Not as comfortable as a solid memory foam bed.
  • Denim covering may seem out of place in your home.

4. K9 Ballistics Tough Dog Crate Pad

7 Most Durable Dog Beds 4

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The K9 Ballistics Tough Dog Crate Pad is a great companion for your dog, whether at home or on vacation. It’s perfect if you’re in search of a pad for a dog that is comfortable, yet portable. It will also come in handy if your dog ate its previous bed, it’s almost impossible for it to eat this crate pad.

The pad is versatile; a practical bed for your dog has so many applications. It’s covered with a premium ballistic material possessing water-resistant capabilities. It is easy to clean; all you need is a wet cloth to brush off any loose dirt, before rinsing the pad under running water.

The soft bonded pad that fills the inside is made from thermal polyester fiber, giving your dog warmth, comfort, and insulation. It is recommended for only light to moderate chewing and it comes with a 90-day chew-proof guaranty.

There are several colors so you can pick your dog’s favorite color or one that blends well with your decor.


  • Covering fabric is designed using top quality materials.
  • Chew proof guaranty that lasts up to 90-days.
  • Portable so can be taken on trips easily. It would fit into any storage space.
  • Easy to wash and look after.
  • Enough cushioning to provide your dog the needed comfort.


  • It is not totally indestructible as portrayed by the advert.
  • Poor customer service so you might not get a refund even when your guaranty is still valid.

5. K9 Ballistics Tough Rectangle Nesting Dog Bed

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No doubt, this Tough Rectangle Nesting Dog Bed from K9 Ballistics is a winner if you are nesting your dog. K9 Ballistics has a huge reputation for producing indestructible and chew-proof beddings for dogs.

This nesting bed is mainly designed for a dog that loves to dig, chew, and scratch. So if your dog falls in this category, getting this bed is a no brainer. It was designed tough for light to moderate chewing dogs and can resist up to 90 percent of them.

It has a tough top covering, made using ripstop ballistic fabric. In layman’s terms, it just means that the outer covering fabric is expected to last longer than regular fabric. A ripstop fabric naturally prevents a small tear from expanding into a larger one that could destroy the whole thing.

Here are some of the major features of the K9 Ballistics Tough Rectangle Nesting Dog Bed.

  • Available in five sizes.
  • Available in nine colors.
  • Shredded foam is non-toxic.
  • Outer covering can be removed easily for washing in a machine.
  • Even weight distribution on the foam.
  • 120-days chew proof guaranty.
  • K9 Ballistics will replace the outer covering once, in the case of destruction.


  • Comfortable option for dogs that love to dig and chew.
  • Cover is designed using military-grade fabric, so you can count on its durability.
  • Machine wash.
  • Water, hair, and dirt resistant.
  • UV protected, so it’s great for indoor and outdoor use.
  • 120-days guaranty and a one-time replacement of the outer cover.


  • It is not completely indestructible as portrayed. It just slows down the chewing process that leads to ultimate destruction.
  • Fabric is stiff and noisy, just like an air mattress.
  • The guaranty only covers the outer fabric and the bed itself. Plus, there are no refunds.

6. K9 Ballistics Tough Small Dog Bed

7 Most Durable Dog Beds 5

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This is the third dog bed from K9 Ballistics on our list and it has definitely earned its place. Just like other dog beds from K9 Ballistics, it’s chew-proof. The only difference is that this bed is small, perfect for puppies and small dog breeds.

It is not designed for heavy chewers but dogs with low to medium chewing capacity would find this product amazing. Asides being chew-proof, it’s scratch-proof and water-resistant. The outer cover can be removed and replaced easily, which allows for easy washing (and it’s machine washable).

The foam is sewn in to avoid shifting and clumping, which could be really discomforting, even for a dog. Your canine should find this bed really comfortable as the foam supports even weight distribution all the way through. The design allows dogs that prop up their heads while sleeping to have a memorable sleep experience.

It is also perfect for your dog if it loves to cuddle while asleep or feels a little bit insecure. The K9 Ballistics Tough Small Dog Bed is ecofriendly as the poly-fill insulation on the interior is recyclable. This dog bed is the perfect mix of warmth and comfort with quality.

It comes in just one color, blue, so there’s no room to be stylish. However, there is a 120-day warranty on the product and a one-time replacement for the outer cover from K9 Ballistics.


  • Top-quality bed.
  • Cute design.
  • 120-day warranty and onetime replacement on the outer cover.
  • Water-resistant outer fabric.


  • Beware, it is not completely chew-proof.
  • Needs more choice of color.

7. GoDog Bed Bubble Bolster with Chew Guard Technology

7 Most Durable Dog Beds 6

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Spending a lot on dog beds can be really tiresome; they keep chewing and you keep replacing. The GoDog Bed Bubble Bolster with Chew Guard Technology is designed to save you from this kind of stress.

It’s a really durable alternative with a mesh liner sewn to the interior of the bed to reinforce the exterior. It is a simple piece of technology that reduces the amount of damage your dog can cause.

To ensure that the bed is more durable, the manufacturer added a no-skid bottom and reinforced seams. The cushion is covered with a plush, soft fabric with a padded bolster border, making it a great choice for your puppy.

The whole bed can be washed in your machine and it comes with a 30-day warranty in the event that it is chewed by your dog. It comes in five sizes and just one color.


  • Chew Guard Technology.
  • 30-day warranty.
  • Ideal for both floors and crates.
  • A non-skid bottom that keeps it in place.
  • The whole bed is machine washable.


  • A bit too costly for what it offers.
  • It is not completely indestructible.


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